Here are the qualifiers from Woodward PA

1 Raymond Warner      A/Q
2 Joey Kish                 A/Q
3 Justin Phillips          A/Q
4 Joe Armstrong         
5 Tommy Christiana   
6 Jon Devrind              
7 Collin DaSilva          
8 Daniel Barrett          A/Q
9 Roy  Saladin             
10 Cam Ward                 A/Q
11 James Schroeder     A/Q
12 Derek Seay              
13 Ryan Kingsley         A/Q
13 Nick Tedrick           
15 Gus Rymer               
16 Jon Reyes              
17 Kyle Tolentino             

A/Q = Already Qualified



COMPETITION – Woodward PA, US Qualifier

DATE – May 17th 2014



134 Sports Camp Drive • Woodward, PA 16882

Directions – Click Here



This is a US National Qualifying Competition meaning the top 10 US riders secure a place into the US Championship Final (also open to Canadian riders). Any International Rider is welcome to participate however it’s only North American riders that will proceed to the US Finals. See changes to 2013/14 season – CLICK HERE


The Woodward Camp ISA National Qualifier will be held on May 17, 2014. The contest will be held at Woodward Camps Famed Outdoor Street course. All competitors will compete on this course. In case of a rain delay Woodward will switch the contest to LOT 8.

Only the outdoor street will be open.


There are 2 ways to register for this event. You may show up the day of the event to register although Woodward cannot guarantee you a spot to compete and scoot. They will close registration at 200 competitors. Your best bet is to register online to hold your spot and then complete the rest of paperwork upon arriving at the Woodward Camp Facilities

All riders must sign a wavier release form, all information is available here 

GRASSROOT ACTIVITY – Ride with the PRO’s, Open park and comps for Beg / Am & Pro


$40 Amateur

$50 Pro

SAFETY – Helmets Compulsory. No helmet No riding. Waivers also compulsory.

COMP FORMAT – ISA Championship Standards apply. Riders have 2 runs, the top 15 riders are entered into a final. Further details are posted on the Amateur Event Series website.



Woodward Camp has seen so much development over the years and is recognized worldwide by action sports enthusiasts. The venue is custom designed for you, as they continue to strive to provide the absolute best facilities in the world, which attract campers and the top pros from around the globe each and every summer. Add to that the best staff, radical training ideas, and an intensive training program and you have an experience unmatched anywhere in the world, which serves as a catalyst to make you better at your sport!


Located in the picturesque mountains of central Pennsylvania, Woodward Camp is approximately 25 miles from Penn State University and about 3 hours from New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

Woodward is a dream come true for all scooter riders. There is so much to do and you will want to come spend at least a week there or you won’t be able to experience everything. On May 17th, not all parks will be available, the outdoor street will be available.

The Cafeteria has multiple options during every meal time at camp.   There is always a hot meal being served which will switch daily with our menu.  If camping at Woodward, you will live in air-conditioned cabins with an adjacent bath.  Each cabin is outfitted with bunk beds and individual storage space for each camper.


- Big turn out of US Pro’s

- International Pro’s (TBA)

- Grassroots activity, something for all levels

- Loads to do

- Tasty food and refreshments

- Supported by ECSF


Expect this to be a main comp on the calendar, who’s not going to be covering it is the question!


Woodward PA


General – Richie Valesquez
Safety – Woodward Onsite Staff
Judges -TBA
Announcer – TBA

ASSOCIATIONS – Supported and Governed by the US Scooter Association and ECSF and

FEEDBACK - Have you attended an ISA Championship competition this season? We’d like to know your feedback on the competition. The information will be used to help improve standards within the sport